Reanimated Projects

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of re-animated projects, where fans and artists come together to recreate popular movies and TV shows using various animation styles and techniques. These projects often bring a fresh perspective and unique artistic vision to beloved media, while also providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their skills. One notable example of this trend is Shrek Retold, a collaborative project that reimagines the classic animated movie Shrek in a variety of different styles.

Shrek Retold is a project that was created by the online art collective 3GI Industries. It features over 200 artists who have each contributed a segment of the movie, using a wide range of animation techniques, from traditional 2D animation to stop-motion and live-action footage. The result is a wild and eclectic mix of styles, with each segment offering its own unique take on the film’s characters and story.

The project was first released in 2018, to coincide with the movie’s 17th anniversary. Since then, it has gained a cult following and has been praised for its creativity and sense of humor. In addition to Shrek Retold, there have been several other re-animated projects that have gained attention in recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable ones:

SpongeBob Animated Colab “Help Wanted” – In 2019, a group of animators recreated their own version of the popular “Help Wanted” episode of the cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants. The episode features SpongeBob and his friends reimagined by over 80 different animators.

Be Prepared Reanimated – Also in 2019, a group of animators recreated the scene from The Lion King in which Scar sings, “Be Prepared.” The result is a whole new way to watch one of the greatest animated musical numbers of all time.

Honestly there have been way too many of these to take about all of them. The Dover Boys Reanimated, Be Our Guest Reanimated, the Zelda CDI Reanimated Colab, Kirby Reanimated… Just to name a few.

These re-animated projects offer a fresh perspective on beloved media, and provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their skills. They also demonstrate the power of collaboration and community in the art world. As technology continues to advance and new animation techniques become available, we can expect to see even more ambitious re-animated projects in the future.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Faithful to the Games (Mostly)

Mario games are known for their effortless charisma, featuring easy and straightforward video game fun, with no convoluted backstory or pretension. From the classic Super Mario World to recent titles like Super Mario Odyssey, the games are elevated by splashy visuals, tight controls, and an attention to detail that borders on perfectionism. Overall, the new movie adaptation, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” by Illumination and Universal, carries on this tradition by being meticulous with its details. While the movie’s commitment to fan service may feel a bit pandering at times and some jokes may fall flat, the pure and exuberant spirit of the Mario franchise still persists, even in movie form.

Mario and Luigi looking at each other while holding up their fists

The movie follows Mario and his younger brother Luigi, who are zapped into the fantastical world of Princess Peach and the nefarious Bowser. The pacing is fast, but it mostly works. Kids will mostly be entertained from scene to scene and adults familiar with the series will likely not be getting bored either.

The movie’s characters are more similar to their video game counterparts than expected. Chris Pratt as Mario does a good job of portraying the simple, unaffected charm of the original character. Similarly, Luigi, played by Charlie Day, is portrayed as a coward, much like he has been in the games since Luigi’s Mansion onward. Princess Peach, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy, is much more fleshed out than the character we know from the games. Because she is not kidnapped by Bowser, she has much more time to show off her skills and charisma.

The movie’s commitment to fan service is admirable and fits into the narrative of the film surprisingly well, from Mario and Peach requiring power-ups to help them fight to Donkey Kong throwing barrels at Mario. But what I appreciate more than anything is the music. So many great tracks remixed from Mario and Donkey Kong games old and new alike. The soundtrack only falls flat occasionally when it throughs in a token “real life” song like A-ha’s “Take On Me.” But hey, at least they didn’t use Party Rock Anthem.

In the end, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is able to capture the magic that has made the franchise a beloved classic for over four decades. It embraces the simple charm and effortless charisma of the games, and leans hard on its references, resulting in a film that feels fun and fantastical.

Petronious January 2017 Channel Update

I was going to make this a channel update video, and may still do but as a less edited video, as I’d rather spend the time editing an actual video, over a channel update.

So for the last 7 or so weeks of 2016 I did pretty much one video a week in one form or another. And that weekly schedule is going to stop for now.

I basically wanted to show the influx of new subscribers, as well as reassure longer term viewers that I’m more diverse with my content than just Dead Rising, despite how well that one video in particular did!

And so, I’m reverting back to my usual “whenever they’re done” time frame.

In the past this has meant on average one Petronious Episode a month, with smaller videos to fill the gaps. But even in saying that, like a lot of people doing what I do I can’t commit to working on my videos full-time. Things may fluctuate with this schedule throughout the year so it’s just easier if I say that now!

As for the actual videos themselves, the ones I’ve done over this 7 week period have also served as a pattern for things to come, of sorts.

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