Petronious January 2017 Channel Update

I was going to make this a channel update video, and may still do but as a less edited video, as I’d rather spend the time editing an actual video, over a channel update.

So for the last 7 or so weeks of 2016 I did pretty much one video a week in one form or another. And that weekly schedule is going to stop for now.

I basically wanted to show the influx of new subscribers, as well as reassure longer term viewers that I’m more diverse with my content than just Dead Rising, despite how well that one video in particular did!

And so, I’m reverting back to my usual “whenever they’re done” time frame.

In the past this has meant on average one Petronious Episode a month, with smaller videos to fill the gaps. But even in saying that, like a lot of people doing what I do I can’t commit to working on my videos full-time. Things may fluctuate with this schedule throughout the year so it’s just easier if I say that now!

As for the actual videos themselves, the ones I’ve done over this 7 week period have also served as a pattern for things to come, of sorts.

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I did a things looking back at my year of <Insert current year 2016>. I’m sorry if it gets a bit sappy for its own good but theres a few things I’ve wanted to get off my chest.