Petronious January 2017 Channel Update

I was going to make this a channel update video, and may still do but as a less edited video, as I’d rather spend the time editing an actual video, over a channel update.

So for the last 7 or so weeks of 2016 I did pretty much one video a week in one form or another. And that weekly schedule is going to stop for now.

I basically wanted to show the influx of new subscribers, as well as reassure longer term viewers that I’m more diverse with my content than just Dead Rising, despite how well that one video in particular did!

And so, I’m reverting back to my usual “whenever they’re done” time frame.

In the past this has meant on average one Petronious Episode a month, with smaller videos to fill the gaps. But even in saying that, like a lot of people doing what I do I can’t commit to working on my videos full-time. Things may fluctuate with this schedule throughout the year so it’s just easier if I say that now!

As for the actual videos themselves, the ones I’ve done over this 7 week period have also served as a pattern for things to come, of sorts.

Basically, my Petronious Episodes and Today’s Topic Reviews are still very much things I’ll continue to do throughout the year.

The Petronious Episodes are my bigger videos and are pretty much staying as they are, being a review whilst also having scripted joke moments. These will always be the videos I enjoy making the most in the long run, because of the sheer freedom I have when tackling a game in that way.


And as of typing this… I’ve already started work on the next one! I won’t say what it is but my current plan for the year is to focus more of these videos on games from my earlier years.

Several of these bigger videos have already been about games I’ve played when I was younger, and I quite like being able to mix the opinions and memories I had of a certain game from years ago, with a current and structured set of thoughts.

And so, funnily enough that’s what I want to do more of. As you may have seen in my videos, I have a whole bunch of games on my shelves and there’s a lot I’m genuinely interested in revisiting to see how well they stack up to my childhood memories of them! That’s all I’ll say for now on those, but the next one is coming along well enough after playing the game for a few hours and making notes 🙂

As for Today’s Topic… well, after 8 months of doing them on-and-off I finally think I’m happy with how this format is going!



My most recent ones for Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 4 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will pretty much be the way they stay for now. Especially the one for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate now that I have the excellent artwork by JonasEndr to use for opening and closing statements.

I’ve grown to enjoy making these more often in recent months and I’m happy with giving this show it’s own separate identity, with different branding from the Petronious Episodes because I basically think of them as that. Two different sides of the same coin, if you will.

Today’s Topic at this point is a much easier and quicker to produce set of videos, and they’ll basically be acting as the gap-fillers in between my main Petronious Episodes, same as before but possibly more often.

And as the Petronious Episodes will focus more on childhood games, Today’s Topic will mainly be focusing on more modern games. Specifically, my massive backlog of games that I’ve bought in the last 12 months and not got round to fully playing.

I already have 15+ games on the list of this backlog that will hopefully become Today’s Topic Reviews, and that’s not including any new releases I may buy throughout this year!

As I mentioned it in a stream I did recently, one of these will most likely be on Far Cry Primal once I’m done with it.

After that there’s other videos like Unnecessary Sound Effects and the videos I’ve dubbed as “Other Petronious Stuff” that aren’t cancelled, I just don’t have any plans to have them become regular things right now.

That said, I filmed some stuff a while back that was to become another one of these “other” videos, similar to the one I did of my trip to EGX last year. So at the very least I’ve another one of those in the horizon!

And that’s pretty much it. So in summary…

  • Petronious Episodes (hopefully) each month, going over older games
  • Today’s Topic Reviews more often than before and to fill any gaps, going over more recent games from my backlog and any new releases I get my hands on.
  • Other videos to happen sporadically when I feel like making them.

Thanks for reading, 2016 was a big year for my channel in many ways, and hopefully 2017 will be another great year for my work over time!

– Pete 🙂


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