Moon Spirit Channel Update 2017

I was thinking of doing an update video, though I think this is probably the better option as I want to get work done. So here’s what is going on with my channel for 2017 thus far:

First off, I had many plans for my channel as many of my projects are in my external hard drive. However, said hard drive decided to crap out. Now, I have to send it to a data recovery place to see if I can get my data recovered. Unfortunately, that takes time, but a lot more $$$, which I’m not made of. I’ll see if they are salvageable, or I might have to start everything back from scratch. Also, my real life work schedule has me working every single night, and it’s really taxing on my body and mind. But hey, enough of the negatives, let’s talk about the important stuff!

  1. I’ve decided to branch out to review video game adaptations. That means movies, TV shows, and anime based off video games are going to be on the chopping block. I’ve been fascinated by video game adaptations as a kid, even though I now avoid them like the plague. I think it would be fun to talk about these visual mediums, even if YouTube might give me copyright strikes up the wazoo.
  2. Speaking of visual mediums, I’m also going to do monthly movie reviews. I’m a huge purveyor of films, and I love going to the theater. So, near the end of each month, I’ll talk about all the movies that I’ve seen and give my quick thought about them. I got a general idea of how I want to review them, kind of along the lines of Jeremy Jahns or Chris Stuckmann, but we’ll see. I’ll also maybe talk about DVDs/Blu-Rays if there aren’t any upcoming movies I’m looking forward to.
  3. As with my newest entry to my channel, Did I Miss Something, I’ve got other shows I want to introduce in the future. Shining Bright is an analytical show where I look at the games I’ve always loved as a kid and dissect how they are still great to this day. Another show I got in the works is a subjective review show, where I give my thoughts about some games that people generally hate/love and my opinion doesn’t reflect theirs.
  4. Speaking of my channel, I’ve also made a Vidme account just in case YouTube ruins my chances of becoming a gaming channel on their platform. Link to my channel:

Hopefully this will clear the air of what will be going on with my channel. Til’ then, I’m Moon Spirit saying good night!


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